Subscription details

Monthly Portal Subscription Pricing

All subscription plans include full access to all the pages/tools available via the AerolibAI Denials and Appeals Portal as shown. One Login per License.

$ 1000 /per License

$ 5000 Training / per Facility


Month-to-Month Plan

  • Complete On-Boarding Training & Support
  • 10 Appeal Letters included per License*
  • Additional Appeal Letters in a month @$100
  • Continue Month-to-Month subscription after first 30 Days
* Each month includes ten (10) Appeal Letters at no additional charge. The number does NOT carry over to the next month. The Appeal Letter count starts anew each month.
Software-as-a-service agreement required

Use of the software in the portal and tools requires users to acknowledge the SaaS Agreement.

Business associate agreement required

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires that a covered entity (health care providers and health plans) obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a legal contract between a healthcare provider and an individual or organization that will receive access to, transmits, or stores Protected Health Information (PHI) as part of its services for the provider, as required by current HIPAA laws, specifically the HIPSS Privacy Rule. An entity using the Aerolib AI Denials and Appeals Portal can provide their own, or can use the one that Aerolib provides. Signatures by both parties are required.

On-Boarding & Support

Complete training to on-board all licensed users will be scheduled after completed registration and BAA completion and approval by both parties.